Beckman House

Located in Maple Ridge, Beckman House has developed and implemented a range of innovative programs aimed at health promotion, prevention, community integration and restoration. Based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and the belief that recovery is possible, these programs have led to a creative and innovative synergy between the members, staff and a multitude of community partners. As a result members continue to achieve remarkable and unexpected gains in their recovery and independence.

Reinforcing the belief that Beckman House is the “home” of our residents, we continue to enhance resiliency through advocacy, staff education and sourcing of additional supports to ensure residents are able to remain in their home while experiencing changes in their health status.


Beckman House provides supports ranging from psychiatric support, transitioning to independent living, life-skills enhancement programs, and aging in place.


Beckman House involves residents in all aspects of their recovery from mental health issues in an environment of acceptance, mutual respect and empowerment. Building on their strengths and addressing their challenges allows residents to pursue meaningful goals and lead meaningful lives.